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Some Of The Best And Most Popular Chinese Dishes You Must Try

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So the next time you eat this delicacy you can think of its traditions and enjoy it a little bit more. When it comes to Chinese culture, their food plays a major part. Not only are the delicacies famous within the country, it has spread world over now creating a unique place in the world food market and cuisine. Not only are the foods famous for their taste they are also popular because of the aroma, colour, appearance, traditional use and historical significance. Let’s look at some of the authentic dishes made popular in the mainland and world over. They can be easily found in the best Chinese restaurant in Melbourne in town. So if you are looking to savour some different food, why not try these out the next time you visit your favourite restaurant.

  • Kung Pao Chicken: this is a Sichuan style chicken dish that is very popular among the locals as well as foreigners. The main ingredients in the dish include chicken, friend peanuts and chilly. It is a dish that is well known for its spicy flavour and freshness. In the original version, the peanuts are roasted before adding other ingredients, Nowadays there are western versions of the dish as well which includes the chicken covered in a batter and served with vegetables and sweet and sour sauce.
  • Chinese dumplings: this favourite food item has a long history and it is a very traditional dish. It includes various types of meat and vegetables mixed with herbs that are encased in a thin wrapping made of dough. They can be made in different ways, while the most popular methods are to boil or steam them. Wontons are similar to these; the only difference is that they are most often served in soup.
  • Hot pot: this very famous dish originates from the north of the country and it is famous world over now. In this cooking method a boiling pot of stock is kept in the middle of the dining table itself while other ingredients such as meats, vegetables, dumplings etc are placed around it. While the pot is kept simmering those sitting at the table place the raw ingredients in the pot and cook at the table. So it is a very fresh way to consume your meal.
  • Sweet and Sour Pork: this dish carries a deep red or orange colour and has a mix of sweet and sour taste which is delicious. This history of the dish goes way back and it can also be made with spare ribs. The pork cuts are stir fried and then included in a mix of a uniquely made sweet and sour sauce. Other ingredients added are usually pineapple, pepper and onion. Due to its popularity, the dish is now made with beef and chicken as well.
    These are some of the most popular dishes in the Chinese cuisine, and some of them can be made at home as well with the right ingredients and technique. So why not give them a