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Why Choose Personal Import

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shipping vehicles to Australia

Import specialist plays a significant role when it comes to shipping vehicles to Australia or exporting vehicles from Australia to overseas. Importing and exporting vehicle is not a cup of tea, it requires a lot of paperwork, calculations, taxes, compliance with laws and regulations and many more. An ordinary individual cannot have any idea about all the process and everything that is included in order to shipping vehicles to Australia or exporting vehicles from Australia to overseas.

Personal Import, Australia’s dependable automobile import specialists, would like to welcome you. Our staff covers the full import procedure from start to end for your peace of mind, from applications to shipping to valuations, customs clearances, compliance, and registration. We ship internationally from Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Nz, Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore, and other locations.

Organizing the shipment of your automobile on your own, unless you’ve done it previously, may be a long and frustrating task. With so much more to think about than just shipping, it’s critical to make sure you understand all that’s necessary when sending to another nation. Getting this procedure wrong can have major implications, charging you thousands of dollars or leaving you without a car for an extended length of time.

You may avoid the bother and guarantee that your car meets Australian criteria by hiring vehicle import professionals. We have significant understanding of all forms of import techniques and schemes, as well as expertise importing all types of automobiles. Imports for Personal Use Dominic Bonasia has over 15 years of experience as a registered motor dealer and is well-versed in compliance and registration procedures. With 35 years of experience as a global shipping company and licenced custom duties broker, he is someone you can rely on to make sure the importing process goes well. Dominic Bonasia is also a Certified Practicing Valuer with the Australian Valuers Institute.

We have experts who will guide you at every step when it comes to exporting vehicles from Australia to overseas and shipping vehicles to Australia. Not only we provide guidance, but we do the entire process on your behalf that includes law and we make sure to import a vehicle that meets Australian standards. Non-compliance of laws in exchanging vehicles can cause you a penalty and a lot of problems. This is the reason it is important to contact Personal import to have the process done smoothly.

Please contact us immediately for more details on our services and how we can help you transport your automobile to Australia by contacting us or emailing us.